Try The 5-Day Keto Challenge And Unlock Your Primal Fat-Burning State With Safe, Therapeutic Ketones

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First Developed For Navy SEAL Divers… Now, This Proprietary Formula Is Available To The Public

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Our ketone formula was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, an associate professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida.

(When you drink the ketones included in your 5-day experience, you are fueling up with the creation of the world’s leading ketone experts.) What’s more…Dr. D’Agostino’s research was backed by the US Department of Defense (DOD) to help soldiers reach peak performance in extreme environments.
Think: Navy SEAL divers needing laser-focus while submerged under enemy ships…or snipers who haven’t eaten in days, but must remain mentally sharp.
Even NASA is experimenting with our product to see how astronauts can use it to preserve muscle mass without gravity.

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Mimics Fasting Without Changing Your Diet!

When your body fasts, it burns FAT instead of glucose, your body’s “default” fuel source. This is how cavemen survived — and THRIVED — without food when they went hunting for days on end. But now, with exogenous ketones you can jump right into that fat-torching state without starving yourself silly, eating like a rabbit, or exercising like a Navy SEAL. 

Can You Really Burn Fat & Banish Brain Fog Just By Drinking Ketones Everyday?
Here’s what people are saying about adding Keto//OS to their daily routine:

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"Lost 40 pounds with KETO//OS! After gaining 40 pounds from crash dieting, I was looking for a lifestyle change and something I could stick with for life. I found KETO//OS and have taken the product for 14 months now.I was a size 14 when I started taking the product.I had bad anxiety and could not stay on task.
The elevated Ketones have sure helped to keep me on task and anxiety which has helped me sleep a lot better and make better choices regarding my lifestyle. I no longer have food cravings and find it easy to eat less and stick with a ketogenic diet. I feel better now at 38 years old than I have ever felt in my life!! Lost 40 pounds and back in a size 6!"

- Andrea Miley, I Prüvit EVERYDAY!

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"My husband Jason and I started Prüvit 3 months ago. Best decision we made for our Health. We were fat, tired, moody, no energy. We tried multiple times to improve our health by adjusting our diets nothing gave us lasting results. We would go back and forth. It was always a cycle. We were introduced to Prüvit!! We found results within the first few days and the fat was just falling off. We feel energized, brain fog is gone, our mood has drastically improved. We are so glad to have Keto//OS. Thank you Prüvit."

- Ashley and Jason Smith, We Prüvit EVERYDAY!

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Safe. Clean Fuel Your Body + Brain CravesOur ingredients come from a NSF and Informed Choice certified factory. Ketosis has been around literally since the dawn of humans, so ketones simply allow your body to get into ketosis faster — without insane dieting. The ketones are contained in your powder samples and are easily mixed in water. Plus, it’s safe for both adults and kids to drink.Our factories conduct regular manufacturing audits to ensure premium product quality.

Fat Loss Is Just Step One
Ketones Also Help You With:

  • Natural fat loss without burning muscle
  • Appetite control: suppresses the chemicals that make you hungry
  • Fight the chronic inflammation linked to disease*
  • Better use of oxygen for your muscles & brain (great for athletes)***
  • High-octane brain fuel: erase brain fog & sharpen focus
  • Main ingredient (BHB) inhibits painful migraines
  • Lowers sugar cravings: regulate blood sugar levels so you crave less sugar
  • Potent anti-cancer effects**
  • Neuroprotective benefits for the brain that can fend off Alzheimers****
  • Soy-free, gluten-free, kosher
  • Works fast: reach ketosis in 59 minutes guaranteed (most reach in 10-15 minutes)
  • Energy on an empty stomach
  • Protects DNA from damage

Here’s What You Get With Your 5-Day Experience:

  • 5 full servings of Keto//OS therapeutic ketones (in tasty assorted flavors)
  • 7 delicious recipe drink ideas to use with your Keto//OS
  • A step-by-step email guide to show you how to achieve success with your samples
  • 2-3 day shipping if you are in the mainland US
  • Free Keto Lifestyle Book (Hackers Guide)So what happens after you drink your first serving?

    Within 59 minutes, your body will enter a state of ketosis. That’s when you switch from burning glucose (your body’s “default” fuel source), to burning fat.
    In this state — called nutritional ketosis — your body will naturally suppress the chemicals that make you hungry…WHILE promoting the ones that make you full. 

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